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Kung Fu Fighting Rain version

***Talking about his Kung Fu Panda song , I love his version more – he sounds sexy & the tune is danceable. He’s wonderful. Oh my, can’t wait for the CD to come out. Here’s the lyrics of his version…….


Kung Fu Fighting Rain version


Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting
Your mind becomes fast as lightning
Although the future is a little bit fright'ning
It's the book of your life that you're writing

You're a diamond in the rough
A brilliant ball of clay
You could be a work of art
If you just go all the way
Now what would it take to break
I believe that you can bend
Not only do you have to fight
But you have got to win



You are a natural
Why is it so hard to see
Maybe it's just because
You keep on looking at me
The journey's a lonely one
So much more than we know
But sometimes you've got to go
Go on and be your own hero


(Repeat verse I)

Thanks to Chris for providing the information & lyrics. ;

Posted by marcobi@RainHK

Searched up the Kung Fu OST... its pretty good! well done Rain... lol random question for anyone who reads this.. funny and interesting to know. If u were to randomly to meet Rain, what would u do or say??? lol I think i would just be stunned... and wouldn't be able to say anything haha

Credits : Jay / SexyBi

Hi, everyone.

MBC(one of Korean network) television is making Documentary of Rain that will air this fall and would like to film USA fans watching speed racer and interview some of ppl in SF bay area.

I know it is short notice but with Speed Racer not doing so well.... time is running out.

Anyone lives by San Fransisco bay area, please come by and support Rain.

Date is May 31, this Saturday. 1-2 pm.
Place is Century 20 Great Mall, Milpitas, CA.
We will be meeting in front of Theater at 1:00pm.

Thanks and hope a lot of ppl show up to support him.
It would be kinda embarrasing for Rain if there aren't wholatta fans there.

If you are attending, please reply to this topic or send me a e-mail.
I need to figure out how many ppl would be.


Fan-account Berlin 22.-24.05.2008

just came back from my trip to Berlin - and this time i saw him

we went to the Studios Babelsberg like we did last aug while he was doing Speed Racer there. The area is quite open for public, cause there is a restaurant inside where you can eat and drink and sit outside, having a good view what is going on.
I met there also the guy and the gal again who are working there and with whom i already chatted last year, they did recognize me and were such friendly like last time. They told me everybody from staff and all othere ppl there like him very much he is easy going and friendly. Ninja Assassin is working with nearly 100% the same staff as for Speed Racer. They told me as he was arriving for NA everybody was happy to see him again and he was hugging with the most.

We could walk around quite freely, just not entering anything, we could see the trailer park, the catering, and saw at an open studio door ppl enrolling a green screen, and on the other side we saw a tiny little bit of a set, not very suprising, part of a wall of a japanese(?) traditional house. And we could look in the open but empty make up trailer, and through the open door of the costume trailer we could see hanging some clothes.
I decided to tell this here all openly, cause the Studios have a movie tour where ppl like in hollywood get driven through the area by an open train, and they could all see the same things. Though this can not be very secret.

But no Rain --- no where.

At that day in the afternoon we got the information where they are shooting right now! Not at the Studios, outside in Berlin. Okay palli palli back to Berlin to the set.
We arrived there around 5pm, and could see on the first sight, this is the right palce and they are still working.
All there, a lot of cars we saw at the studios before, trailer park, catering, technical staff, security, all what is there when hollywood is shooting a movie.
Though we started to wait outside, the shooting was indoor, no chance to see anything, but the area itself, we had nearly unblocked view on it .
At around 7pm the catering was carrying huge amount of water and food inside, so we came to the conclusion, they will not ending shooting such soon. We rushed to the hotel, put on some warmer stuff and where back at around 8:15 pm.
At around 9pm a lot of ninjas started to come out of the set. Real ninjas in the tradtional ninja costume.
We get prepared, and more and more excited.
And then finally ------ he appeared
and he crossed the area from set to the trailers which is quite far and we had a real good sight on him even though it was not near.
He was dressed casual, as you see on the pics of the next day. The hair was black, and same length as we saw before. He looked very dark, i mean his skin. He looked very very tanned, but i think make up.
He was in very good mood, kinda not walking more "jumping" like a young boy, and he was waving to somebody at the catering area, from far.
He looked relaxed and happy. Think propably the shooting at this day went fine ^^.
Then he vanished from sight between the trailers.

We kept on waiting, cause we wanted to see him leave the area.

Around 45-50 mins later, he got in his car and the car was approaching the gate we were standing.
I was at the side where he was sitting in the back. (good for me cause all was very fast) The window was open, the light in the back was on, though i had a great sight at him, especially he was putting with both hands his hair behind his ears at this moment. He did not look at us but i have kinda feeling he maybe did open the window for us , i want to belive this.
And his skin was back to his normal color.

finally not like my trip for speedracer, there just emile

The next day we decided to give it a try, even though it was saturday, and we arrived there at around 8am in the morning. (the early bird cathes the worm )

We could clearly see shooting day again. Already staff there, and cars are coming. As we approched the main gate we recognize the security guy from last day. And we greeted him friendly "Guten Morgen" and he did greet back so we were encoraged to start a chat. He was asking us whom we are wating for, and we told him. And another security guy was coming, he seemed to be the boss, and we asked him will Rain work today? And he said: "Yes we will!"
We went on chatting, they asked us where we are from and how we know about him. They were really impressed.
The 2nd one told us, he is a really nice person, very carefree, very friendly. Before the shooting, while the location observing, he went with him all over berlin. He was very friendly and acted not like a star, acted like normal person.

We kept on wating, and then ....at around 9am his car passed the gate.
It was very fast, but i could see him sitting inside, in the back, wearing white t-shirt with blue and red.

The security guy told us, the dressing and make up might take ~1h, which was true. HIHI "painting" him needs a lot of time

Then ppl appreaed and corssed the area, going to set.
And then as the last one --- he came. Walking calmly, think talking on phone over to the set.
Same costume as the day before.
This time i managed to take a pic

When he vanished inside, it was time for us to leave and go for breakfast. (one of the security guys did bring us a cup of coffee from the catering before, how sweet )

At around 1pm we were back (we had to reg as cloud meanwhile ). When we reached we could see the staff, and actors having lunch. We could not see him.

At around 2:30 pm ppl started to go back to the set. This time, not the way they took in the morning. We see them come, they turned left and we could see them walking from the back, to a set somewhere behind the hall. We saw the Warshowki brothers walking this way. And Yun the co-actor in ninja costum. A lot of ninjas. Then a person looking like him. Wearing the same costum, all the same but too short legs NOT HIM! - his double! Then after the directors already passed, one appeared - runnig to set. We: is this him ??? why is he late??? ....but ---- 2nd double ---- short after
He appeared! and this time we could clearly see it was him
We was again walking calmly, no hurry, same costume, but we just could see him from back. But better as not

At around 5:30pm we did leave.
The security guy told us, he will not walk back to trailers later, he will get picked by car from behind and leaving directly this time. This meant we will not be able to see him properly, though we decided to leave.
We were already lucky we saw him 5 times That was great.
And he told us too, that on sunday will be no shooting. Day off for all!
On Wednesday they will finish at this set. He told us too.

The security was very very friendly and nice, They did as much they could did for us in their position.
The Bi's driver is directly from the Studio, and he was very protective, he always had an eye on us, he watched every step of us.

Though sunday was no shooting, we had off too, to go around in Berlin, going back to the palces Bi was last summer and do our personal-rain-berlin-shoooting

Thanks gals for reading this long account, sorry did not thought it will be that long

credit: freya1507/sexybi&RainEurope

Korean Hunks Lee Joon-ki vs Lee Seung-gi - the viewers choose

Korean Hunks > Lee Joon-ki vs Lee Seung-gi - the viewers choose
"Lee Joon-ki vs Lee Seung-gi, viewers choose…"

In 2008, two Iljimae will find the home theater.

The SBS historical drama "Iljimae", starring Lee Joon-ki, will run from 21 th after "On Air". In response, MBC is broadcast drama "Iljimae" with Lee Seung-gi, at the end of the year. It is not for two plays with the same title in the air on public television in the same year. Thus, it is inevitable that we compare "Joon-ki of Iljimae" and "Seung-gi's Iljimae."

Lee Joon-ki "Iljimae"

Green Snake media, the production company of SBS "Iljimae", have renounced the purchase of copyright Ko Woo-Yeong comics because of production costs, and using an original story based on the story a thief chivalrous. The framework is the Chosun era, and Iljimae is facing break the rules of social status and further reform.

Actor Lee Joon-ki, who rose to fame with "The King and the Clown" is the main character, and it is to show and act historical action skills he developed. A representation of the production company said, "Unlike Ko Woo-Yeong the Iljimae which has its stadium in Southeast Asia, SBS will Iljimae stage in Korea, which expresses the Korean sentiment in a better way."

In response to this kind it is, he said, "It is a satire of today's society, but this is not a historical drama merger as" Hong Gil Dong. " It is a tragedy of chivalry which is seasoned with comedy. "

The plan to show Lee Joon-ki, as Lupin, MacGyver, or Zorro, which appears at any time and disappears mysteriously, draw much interest.

In addition to Lee Joon-ki, they have a large troupe of Han Hyo-Joo, Park Si-hoo, Lee Yeong-ah, Kim Chang-Wan, Lee Moon-sik, Jo Min-ki, Kim Seong-ryeong, Son Yeong-Tae, Lee Won-jong, Ahn Kil-Kang and Kim King-ha. 

Lee Seung-gi "Iljimae"

MBC is re-Yeong Ko Woo's famous comic strip "Iljimae." Lee Seung-gi, which is the main character, will show the original with sadness, humor and satire. Although Lee Seung-gi has less experience than acting Lee Joon-ki, Lee Seung-gi is currently very popular, if the battle for ratings is still unknown. 

If Lee Joon-ki "Iljimae 'starts with the personal desire to avenge his family's death, Lee Seung-gi" Iljimae shows decisive for the opposition to social discrimination and exploitation. As the original mixture of comic fantasy, Lee Seung-gi acts as the hero that everyone wants more remain faithful to a historical context.

Iljimae, who returned from studying abroad, realizes the true situation of the exploited Chosun, and becomes a thief chivalrous to help the people, and producers insert many episodes of the original.

The producing company, Jipi workshop, MBC "Iljimae" began to produce after receiving copyright after battling for him against the media Green Snake last February. They started filming in March, and the staff is looking around the entire nation to find a traditional house, a river, a cave, and mountains to prepare the ground for the tragedy.

Currently, MBC plans for 24 episodes of 70 minutes each, and are intended to air by the end of the year. The reason why they focus on the organization more than ever, because it is rare that the two broadcasting companies to have two plays of the same name and similar stories in the same year.

Jipi workshop is remaining true to the script and even asked for the certification of the history of Green Snake media to protect the original work.

Korean Hunks  Lee Joon-ki vs Lee Seung-gi - the viewers choose
Korean Hunks  Lee Joon-ki vs Lee Seung-gi - the viewers choose
Korean Hunks  Lee Joon-ki vs Lee Seung-gi - the viewers choose
Korean Hunks  Lee Joon-ki vs Lee Seung-gi - the viewers choose

Korean Hunks  Lee Joon-ki vs Lee Seung-gi - the viewers choose
Korean Hunks  Lee Joon-ki vs Lee Seung-gi - the viewers choose
Korean Hunks  Lee Joon-ki vs Lee Seung-gi - the viewers choose

Korean Hunks  Lee Joon-ki vs Lee Seung-gi - the viewers choose
Korean Hunks  Lee Joon-ki vs Lee Seung-gi - the viewers choose
Korean Hunks  Lee Joon-ki vs Lee Seung-gi - the viewers choose
Korean Hunks  Lee Joon-ki vs Lee Seung-gi - the viewers choose